FURTHER EDUCATION Leadership Competence inFootball(Institute Certificate)

The number of participants of the institute certificate is limited.

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Motivation problems of star players, lack of team spirit due to the formation of groups, psychological exhaustion due to permanent pressure to perform – this scenario is part of the daily routine for many coaching teams and club managers.

It is time to work on the problems mentioned on a scientific basis and no longer leave them to chance! For this reason, we have conceptualized a new education & training program for psychology, team development and leadership in soccer.

Thanks to the innovative semi-virtual learning concept, you can complete the certificate course conveniently alongside your job, coaching activities and family. Secure your place early and benefit from the knowledge of recognized top people with expertise in the soccer industry!

The certificate at a glance

  • Title: Leadership in football

  • Academic degree: Institute certificate

  • Duration of study: 6 months

  • Study concept: Semi-virtual (virtual distance learning with attendance phases)

  • Study locations: Ismaning (Munich)

  • Tuition fees: 299€ per month, additional 199€ registration fee

  • Dates: On request


Reinhard Klante

Training concept
A modular continuing education programme with ten attendance days and virtual learning units on the online learning platform

299 € per Month,
additional 199 € registration fee

Ismaning, near Munich

Target Group

The special qualification in the area of leadership skills enables excellent career prospects for prospective or already active as trainers*. The Leadership in Football course is aimed at professional as well as amateur and junior coaches. Full-time and part-time trainers alike acquire crucial leadership skills.

However, club managers, sporting directors, scouts, analysts and other staff members of an association or club, as well as sports students who want to prepare themselves optimally for a future career in the soccer business, will also benefit from the new institute certificate.

Learning content

Those who complete the Leadership in Football course will go through five modules with a total of ten days of attendance and virtual learning units for self-study. The focus to develop crucial leadership skills in football is mainly on leadership and psychology in football. By teaching these scientific basics and carrying out many practical exercises, the prerequisites for solving a wide range of tasks in everyday coaching are created.
In the first module, the focus is on sports pedagogy and sports psychology. How do I deal with staff and players, how do I appear personally?

The second module teaches successful communication. Which messages do I convey best and how? Crisis management is also discussed. The third module is dedicated to key qualifications for trainers and management, in which empathy plays an essential role. The fourth module focuses on player and coach supervision. Role plays are used to check and improve one’s own actions. The fifth, final module deals with team development and group dynamics.

The importance of leadership in football

Profound societal changes such as demographic change, digitization, and ongoing professionalization have contributed to a change in the requirements profile for coaches in recent years. Multi-headed coaching teams have become the norm in professional soccer, for example. Against this backdrop, coaches can more than ever be described as leaders, since they are responsible for the coaching team and the team in particular. This is particularly noticeable in dealing with the squad of players, which consists of different characters with different needs. For this reason, educational, psychological and social support in football is becoming increasingly important.

Those who go through our certificate programme will deal intensively with the topics of leadership skills, sports pedagogy and psychology in football and, thanks to the certificate, will be able to successfully apply the skills they have learned in the context of their daily challenges. Furthermore, the participants are prepared in detail and in a practical way for the complex and extensive professional field of full-time and part-time trainers.

Your top lecturers

Here we would like to introduce our team of experts from theory and practice. With Reinhard Klante, former head coach of the Bavarian Football Association and active for 30 years as a coach educator and talent developer in Bavaria, we were able to win an absolute top expert as programme leader for our certificate. From the field of sports psychology, Prof. Dr. Heike Kugler, sports psychologist of the German Athletics Association and coach for executives, and Henning Thrien, studied sports psychologist and sports psychologist of RB Leipzig, are in our team of lecturers. We were able to win Claus Schromm, head coach of the third division team SpVgg Unterhaching, for our team from professional club football.

In addition, the office manager of the International Football Institute and U30-BFV board member, Tobias Bracht, as well as Felix Seidel, former BILD chief reporter for FC Bayern and the German national soccer team, will also speak at the Institute’s certificate “Leadership Competence in Football”. In addition, Knut Schulz will give you a deep insight into the field of psychotherapy and mental training.

Your career opportunities

The special qualification in the area of leadership skills enables excellent career prospects for various, attractive occupational and activity fields in football. After the soccer leadership training, one is ideally positioned to be active as a full-time, part-time training leader as well as a person working in thefield of team psychology in a club or association and to drive decisive innovation processes. Exciting opportunities also await in sports pedagogy and sports psychology based on the knowledge gained – as well as in the field of sports media.

Those who pass the institute certificate are generally able to work on tasks in soccer clubs and soccer associations in the future around the topics of leadership skills, sports pedagogy and psychology in soccer in a problem-oriented and interdisciplinary manner on a scientific basis and to successfully apply the skills learned in the context ofdaily challenges.

Our services

  • Modern further education concept that imparts practice-related action competences

  • Innovative learning approach that guarantees the compatibility of work and further education

  • Modular further education with 10 attendance days & learning units on the online learning platform

  • Excellent multimedia learning materials

  • Issue of certificates of achievement and institute certificates

Admission Requirements & Application

  • Qualified school-leaving certificate

  • Experience in the sport of football, e.g. as a coach & manager, player career, scout, referee, game analyst

  • Experience as a leader in sports clubs

  • Interest in football and sports pedagogy/psychology

  • Short list of the sporting career

Your contact person

Andreas Giglberger

Manager Aus- & Weiterbildung

Internationales Fußball Institut
Steinheilstr. 8
85737 Ismaning

+49(0)-89-6209 787-202