In the field of education and training, the International Football Institute offers not only the possibilities of study and certificate, but also lectures in a variety of football-related areas.

“We have made it our goal to address not only the full-time employees of professional clubs, but also the many volunteer training leaders, players* and club members. In our lectures, we want to present a topic that is of interest to you and your club, with our people having expertise, and provide you with on-the-spot solutions and new approaches,” says the head of education and training at the International Football Institute, Dr. Anselm Küchle, describing the idea behind the lectures.

The lectures are currently divided into two major subcategories. On one side is soccer science, which covers some exciting topics that are relevant in practice. “Injury prevention, for example, is a topic that should be of high importance in every club in every youth – but unfortunately this is not the case everywhere so far. How to minimize the risk of injury in soccer and recognize injuries at an early stage is an important part of this course,” says expert Kathrin Neuhofer. The topics of sport and health play a key role here.

The second pillar is the area of soccer management. Topics such as commercialization possibilities in soccer, press and public relations work in amateur sports or dealing with the new media play a supporting role here. “Here, too, we can build on great experience and expertise. On this basis, we want to create customized offers for interested clubs and thus help amateur soccer further,” Küchle comments on the lectures in the area of soccer management. “You’ve seen from the example of VfB Hallbergmoos what can be possible there and how useful such lectures can be for clubs.”

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Lecture topics sports science

Here you will find a list of our offer on the topic “Lectures Football Science”.
Do you have your own individual topic that you would like us to work on? No problem, just get in touch with us.

  • Injuries in junior soccer: prevention & rehabilitation

  • Focus on young soccer players: How stress affects young players and how parents/coaches can intervene.

  • All for one, one for all: Successful team building in youth football

  • The challenge of youth soccer: How to create a functioning team of parents, training leaders and coaches?

  • Nutrition – the basis for performance on and off the pitch

  • Teambuilding – becoming one unit!

  • Coach development – how do I deal with difficult players and parents?

Lecture topics on marketing and sales:

Here you will find a listing of our offer on the topic “Lectures Football Management”.
Do you have your own individual topic that you would like us to work on? No problem, just get in touch with us.

  • Commercialization possibilities as an amateur club – what makes sense for my club?

  • How can I strengthen my brand and stand out in the broad amateur club landscape?

  • Press and public relations work in amateur soccer

  • The perfect sponsor portfolio

Lecture topics Digitization

  • Why amateur clubs should definitely use social networks

  • Amateur club 2.0: How to increase your revenues as an amateur club and tap into new innovative monetization opportunities

  • Social media in sports clubs: How children, coaches, parents and club managers should deal with the topic of social networks

  • Financing opportunities for clubs – creative approaches and implementations

  • Development of sports offerings – trends, innovations and alternative sports/spaces

  • Attracting trainers and volunteers – added value through club identification