The mission of the International Football Institute


Powerful in implementation.


The IFI acts as a consultant. The support of clubs, associations, companies, media and individuals is always strategic But never the same. The individual needs determine the guidelines of the measures aimed at long-term success.

The IFI acts as a qualifier. Numerous certificate programs, specially tailored to the soccer market, ensure education and training in many areas at the highest level. The graduates obtain an additional qualification that sets them apart from the competition. Prospective as well as experienced coaches, scouts and game analysts take advantage of the offer. The Football Management program is considered a pioneer in its field.

The IFI acts as a performance optimizer Concepts are not imposed from the outside, but developed from within. The driving force is always the idea of innovation. Only those who know what will be decisive tomorrow can increase the probability of success for the future with their actions today. This is just as true at the professional level as it is at the amateur level.

The IFI acts as an analyst. The studies are diverse and address topics such as digital stadiums, permeability in junior performance centers and smart data. All studies are characterized by a character that is strongly application-oriented. Clear recommendations for practical action are derived from the research results. This creates a symbiosis with science.