• Flexible training from home
  • Online seminars with top people with expertise
  • Unique in Germany

Hol dir
die Punkte!

Hol dir
die Punkte!


  • Flexible training from home
  • Online seminars with top people with expertise

  • Unique in Germany

Next Start in September 2024

Next Start in September 2024

Get a virtual head start now –
compressed knowledge for your career

Future-oriented teaching takes place virtually! We at the International Football Institute (IFI) understand your needs and know that you cannot and do not want to be tied to a fixed location or fixed times when it comes to your own education and training. We have responded to this.

For us, one thing is certain: even from home or on the road, you have every chance of becoming even better. We always provide you with the latest input at the highest academic level. Always with the aim of qualifying you even further in your current field of activity. And as conveniently and flexibly as possible.

Why we can do that? The IFI has taken an innovative approach to learning since its foundation ten years ago. That’s why our practical education and training programmes have always been semi-virtual. . Based on this experience and our professional expertise, we are able to offer you a special four-week program focusing on “Women in Football”.

The IFI works to make soccer a little better every day. And we believe that on this way, among other things, more women in soccer business would help. We are looking forward to give impulses in this virtual program how this can be achieved.

At this V4WP we can offer you a special constellation at program management level. Our IFI office manager Tobias Bracht, who has also gained experience in this field for eight years on the board of the Bavarian Football Association, is running the program together with his wife Ulrike Bracht (formerly Schlupp). Ulrike has shown as managing director at FC International Leipzig how to assert oneself as a woman in the supposed male domain. The certified coach is also a trained mentor and can also pass on her experience of various leadership programs to the participants of the V4WP.

The V4WP “Women in Football” will focus on the history of women in soccer, then teach you the importance of homologous reproduction (Thomas principle) and the possible influence on the topic of quota and conclude with an outlook on the importance of more women in leadership positions in soccer. In the final focus, we will also look at a possible “how to succeed”.

With this program, we would like to address both women and men who are interested in the topic and would like to expand their knowledge of how to act here. Naturally, one focus is on the advancement of women. After all, it is also important in soccer to promote women further and in depth, whether as players, referees, coaches or volunteers. But we are also sure that the knowledge gained can also be profitable for men.

“It would do the soccer business good if we saw more women in management positions!” says IFI Managing Director Björn Bremer. The experienced soccer manager knows what he is talking about. After all, he has numerous years in German Bundesliga soccer at management level to his credit and has thus experienced the realities first-hand.

The special feature: This condensed knowledge program is completely virtual and application-oriented.

Our top experts from the IFI guide you through the program. They are supported by top-class external experts from the world of soccer, from whom you can not only learn in online seminars, but with whom you can also engage in personal exchange.

With your participation in the virtual 4-week program in the field of women in soccer, you will expand your competencies in soccer and achieve a competitive advantage over your competitors. Because with you the future is already present.

Programm Manager Tobias Bracht
Management Office International Football Institute

Program Manager Ulrike Bracht
former Managing Director FC International Leipzig


    Learn in three online seminars, each lasting 90 minutes plus post-game time, from our top people with expertise and get answers to your individual questions.

    Get access to our online learning platform for four weeks, where our top people with expertise prepare selected learning content to deepen your knowledge.

    Take advantage of four weeks of access to our comprehensive online library of over 2,000 textbooks, professional journals, and scholarly journals.

    Gain insights into the daily tasks and challenges of our top people with expertise through application-oriented program content.

    Develop your skills from the comfort and safety of your own home or location – and customize learning times to suit your individual needs.

    Receive a written certificate of attendance for your next career steps after each successfully completed Virtual 4-Week Program.


    Certificate of Attendance

    Purely virtual continuing education

    299,- € (one-time)

    Women and men who want to develop further in leadership positions in soccer or who aspire to leadership positions; women and men who want to improve their expertise and knowledge of the subject; aspiring young professionals; former or active players* who want to build up another mainstay; coaches; club & association officials, referees


    4 weeks

    Live Webinar 1: On Demand
    Live webinar 2: On Demand
    Live-Webinar 3: On Demand
    *subject to change without notice



Program Content

Women in football

  • The historical development of women
  • Status quo of women in soccer
  • Reconciliation of career and family
  • Courage to power
  • The Thomas Principle
  • The importance of networks
  • Connections to the topic of women’s quota
  • The potential importance of more women in leadership positions
  • Impulses for the soccer business
  • A possible “how to succeed”

*The content can be viewed by clicking on the plus


GET THE POINT: By participating in a virtual 4-week program, you can earn one experience point toward the entrance exam process for DFB coach education programs.

If you are a convincing leader in sports clubs or associations, you can assume maximum responsibility and lead the institution into a successful future. And, of course, also profit financially.

With your skills and knowledge, you become one of the faces of the club or association and contribute significantly to its success.

Your knowledge of how to act has a significant influence on your success within your institution and thus also continuously increases your personal value on the job market.

We believe that there are currently too few women in leadership positions in the soccer business. If you want to change that, get your impetus for a possible path and decide today and sign up for our virtual 4-week program “Women in Football”.

Your contact person

Tobias Bracht

Head of the office at the International Football Institute

Internationales Fußball Institut
Steinheilstr. 8
85737 Ismaning

+49(0)-89-6209 787-200

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