Game & Tactics Analysis and Scouting – Advantage through Knowledge

In modern top-level soccer, game and tactical analysis represents a key adjusting screw through which performance and success can be influenced.

Both in preparation for the game and after the game, essential knowledge can be gained about the upcoming opponents, as well as about one’s own team. A well-founded methodology is the basis for this. Our expertise lies on the one hand in the implementation of training science models in training practice. On the other hand, we can draw on a wide range of knowledge in the field of soccer. The focus is on the evaluation of tactical behavior in the game with the ball (e.g. player opening variations) as well as against the ball (e.g. run-up behavior).

Furthermore, the department of game and tactics analysis has a specially developed game observation system that generates scientifically sound results that can be directly incorporated into training operations.

We are happy to pass on our expertise in the field of game and tactics analysis – in consulting as well as in further education!

Consulting clubs and associations Media Consulting Further education

  • Game preparation (opponent analysis) of a game
  • Game follow-up (self-analysis) of a game

Macro analysis

  • Strengths/weaknesses profile of the opponent based on the last six games (opponent analysis on macro level)
  • Strengths/weaknesses profile of own team (e.g. first or second round analysis)

Single player analysis

Strategic orientation of the field of match analysis in the club/association

Match preparation from a tactical point of view (pre-match)

Live analyses

Post-match preparation from a tactical point of view (post-match)

University certificate match analyst in professional soccer

University Certificate Scouting in Football Sport

Institute certificate game analysis in performance-oriented soccer

Day seminar game and tactics analysis

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