Sponsorship and marketing

For several years now, the importance of social media use has been steadily increasing. A change can also be observed in sponsorship, which can be attributed primarily to advances achieved and an increasing application penetration of new media.

Companies in the German Soccer League are making increasing use of digital networking for their sponsorship commitments. Even the Bundesliga clubs have now arrived in the age of Facebook, Twitter and the like and have extensive presences in the social networks.

The integration of new and social media thus represents an increasingly important pillar of financing in sponsoring as well and is taken into account and integrated accordingly in our concepts.

At just under 27% of total revenues, sponsorship is one of the most important sources of income in top-level sport. It has undoubtedly established itself as an independent communication tool in marketing communication and meets with broad approval in society .

The International Football Institute supports you in the conception, planning, implementation and evaluation of your sponsorship opportunities. A clear system, a sensible and comprehensible calculation and structure of your offers represent the basis of every sponsoring concept. We will be happy to answer your individual questions at any time.

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