Marketing and capitalization strategies for companies, clubs and associations in football

Soccer clubs have become increasingly professionalized in recent years. The current transformation of traditional soccer clubs into modern corporations is creating countless new capitalization opportunities in soccer management.

To date, both academia and practitioners have paid too little attention to this issue. As a result, enormous potentials and valuable contributions of the holistic communication policy of companies or sponsors, clubs and associations remain unused. This is precisely where the International Football Institute comes in, creating awareness and providing guidelines for practical action.

Our marketing strategies secure long-term strategic advantage for soccer companies, clubs and associations in all areas of capitalization, such as ticketing, merchandising and the marketing of TV rights.

The IFI provides its clients with professional consulting and research services in the field of “Marketing and Capitalization Strategies for Companies, Clubs and Associations in Football”, tailored to the individual needs of its clients, from which we can jointly derive your individual need for action.

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