Finance & Controlling inFootball

Many decision-makers in soccer companies complain about an overburdened accounting system. This usually results in ignorance of the financial situation with often fatal consequences. The reason for this is not insufficient manpower, but the methodology used.

The International Football Institute has been advising and supporting soccer companies in the area of controlling for quite some time and is always available to answer your questions. After a general check, you will receive an evaluation of your current controlling system together with concrete recommendations for action. These are modular, so you can determine the pace and intensity of implementation yourself.

Extract from our service program:

  • Preparation or optimization of integrated business planning (profit and loss statement, finance plan and balance sheet) for internal management of the club, submission to the German Football League, the German Football Association, banks, supervisory board or other recipients of reports

  • Introduction of cost center or cost unit accounting, adapted to the requirements of soccer management

  • Appropriate IT support for the above products

  • Changeover from purely centralized to decentralized planning and reporting by cost center managers

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Prof. Dr. Florian Kainz
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