Digital strategies and digital media marketing – adapted and developed for the specific requirements of thesoccer market

No other phenomenon has had such an impact on society in recent years as the digital transformation, which has resulted in particular in the market establishment of various social networks, the emergence of digital marketplaces on the Internet, and the shift of the vast majority of communication processes to the social media sphere. That’s why digitization in sports has become established in all areas of life. The International Football Institute can also support your club in the digitization process by providingsound and targeted advice.

Our service areas in the subject area of digitization in sports

In the area of digitization in sport, the International Football Institute represents four different areas of performance.
The digitization of stadiums deals with modern trends that could also be appealing for your arena. After generating scientifically sound findings on your stadium and the status quo, a derivation of recommendations for action is made with regard to further optimization possibilities in relation to the digitalization of your arena. The next step is to use this as a basis for developing a concept that deals with the digitization of your stadium in the first step, the further expansion of StadiumVision in the second step, and the optimization of digital media content on match day in the third step. After that, the concept of management is presented. Following these discussions, a holistic and individual strategy is to be developed with regard to further digitization and the further expansion of StadiumVision. The common goal is the sensible and practical virtualization of your stadium.
The second field, Strategy Consulting Sports Marketing 2020, is dedicated to individual marketing solutions for your club and is specifically tailored to digital media and the new digital markets. After an in-depth analysis of the national and international digital markets, but also of the competitors, we want to show you the advantages and disadvantages of marketing digital media yourself. Also included is a decision-making basis for in-house or third-party marketing in this area. Together with you we want to create a sales strategy and accompany the implementation as well as permanently evaluate the measures. The training of sales staff should also be an integral part of a joint project within this framework.

To make your club competitive in the long term – also and especially in digital terms – the IFI has developed the performance of a future-oriented solution in this area. New digital markets and business models in soccer: We show you the most important national and international digital markets and develop an individual digital positioning strategy for you. We identify the new digital business areas close to the core business of soccer and accompany your digital strategy tailored to your needs. Together, we want to turn your club into a digital entertainment group. Scientific support for the digital transformation process is also guaranteed.
The last topic is digital media marketing. She deals with digital CRM, digital media & marketing inventory analysis, digital media reporting (monitoring & controlling as well as quantitative & qualitative evaluation), digital media marketing (regarding eCommerce and sponsoring), digital media strategy as well as operational campaign and content planning.

The importance of the topic of digitization

The digitalization and globalization of society has changed economic activity in many ways. Mobile devices, intelligent computer systems, virtual reality, KPI-based qualitative analysis, digital communities, wearables, etc. are not only changing private life and the world of work in our society, but are also leading to a fundamental revolution in the sports experience and thus also in professional sports marketing.

Professional soccer clubs have been given a tool in the form of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which open up completely new possibilities for them in both strategic press & public relations and strategic marketing. The development of new markets and the targeted use of the numerous existing capitalization opportunities in the social media area still contain great potential for optimization, especially in professional soccer. Digital media and social networks will be among the most important markets and revenue sources of the future in professional soccer.

The International Football Institute provides professional consulting and research services in the field of “Digitization in Sport”, individually tailored to the needs of its clientele in the following areas.

In all the services we offer, we pursue a holistic and customer-oriented approach: depending on the status quo and the needs of our clientele, we can adapt and tailor our offerings to meet their individual requirements.

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